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Introduction to Subatomic Physics


"Revolution in the science can be done only by excellent, perfectly simple theory and on the base of very carefully performed and unambiguously interpreted experimental measurement."

Lecture for 3rd year at FNSPE of CTU at Prague during winter semester.

Vladimír Wagner

Nuclear Physics Institute of ASCR, 250 68 Řež
WWW: http://hp.ujf.cas.cz/

1. Introduction

2. Collision kinematics  

3. Cross section quantity

4. Basic properties of nucleus and nuclear forces

5. Models of atomic nuclei

6. Radioactivity

7. Techniques for nuclear and particle physics experiments

8. Nuclear reactions

9. Nuclear matter, its study and properties

10. Particles and their interactions

11. Way to the interaction unification

12. Nuclear astrophysics

13. Applications of nuclear and subnuclear physics

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